Work-Life-You Balance

Finding balance in life is something many of us are striving for. Yet, we often lose sight of it in the day to day routine and/or when pursuing our work goals. Now, there is nothing wrong with that and if that is something you want to focus on — you should totally go for it.

What I want to explore is finding the right balance not only between our work and life but also with(in) myself.

Even if you are someone who was able to find the famous work-life balance, I would guess that some of us still forget to serve ourselves only. Now, that is not some egocentric thing — I am a big believer that one should always care about the others. But we also definitely need to explore our own desires, that will make us feel good — even if it doesn’t provide any real value to you or someone else. As long as it makes us happy, we should go for it (obviously don‘t harm anyone).

I believe that this will spill over in a positive way to our other endeavours — be it work or our relationships.

So what can we do to achieve that?

The answer contains two steps:

  1. First of all one should really dig deep and find our what you really want to do for yourself.
  2. Only then, it will come down to finding time to explore that desire. I would suggest to start as small as give yourself 5 minutes a day. 5 minutes that are only spent on oneself. Depending on the activity you will of course adjust that timeframe, but that small limit of 5 minutes will help you to get started.

In the end you might find out that your desire was not for you and that’s ok — forget it and start over. As long as you feel happy this shouldn’t stop you.

Exploring and living life is actually the real answer to the famous question — „What is the purpose of life?“.

I am off — trying to learn to play the guitar. :)

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