Why I even bother to create another blog?

Yep, another try, another post, another random blog on the internet. Why?

The quick answer is — I want to have a place to put the thoughts in my head. My brain wants to tell a story, even if the only person who will read it, is me.

I believe that for the first time I am writing these sentences that are not linked to a company announcement or some random advise. These words are coming from within a place that is just my own.

Now if you are wondering what I am going to write about. The answer is — everything that surrounds me. It might be a personal story from the past or something related to design. I definitely want to share more about what it‘s like to build software as a non-developer. The things and tools I use that make me happy and empower my life.

One obstacle that always slowed me down and which I want to remove is, to not obsess about the length of a post. Some might only take 1-2 minutes to read and some will probably turn out longer.

So if you came this far and still are interested in hearing what my brain has to share. Then feel free to stick around. I welcome you into my world.

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