Brand new website and some personal news

You have most likely not seen my previous site. But believe me, it was completely different. :) Therefore, I welcome you to my little personal corner on the internet. It’s a space I build for myself to be able to share whatever I want in a format that is not limited by any restrictions, be it technical or made up by society.

I will probably keep changing and adding things, but it’s at a stage where I am fine with it for now and also excited to have it. If you like it too — let me know. :)

Besides taking time to create the site, I was also busy taking on a new challenge. I accepted the offer from a client of mine to be the Head of Design and continue our partnership on a more focused and deeper level. It is an exciting new chapter for me which came somewhat as a surprise but also as a logical next step.

I will share more about the company at a later point. But if you are a Junior UI/UX Designer (freelancer or not) and looking for a job — reach out to me. Especially if you want to be part of an early-stage startup. I plan to fill in one or maybe two design positions (soonish).

That’s it for now. Until next time.

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