What it means to take a break from social media

I’ve been almost completely absent from social media for the past 2 months or so. Not something I planned, as it rather happened by itself (and because of other events in my life).

At some level, it started getting to me. I believe that a lot of indie-makers face the pressure to share content just to stay current, and keep themselves and their product on people's minds. At least, that is what I always struggle with and have a constant battle with my inner self.

Even though I enjoy the break, I also feel bad about the impact that it has on my project. And so it becomes a constant back and forth between feeling in peace with myself and the duty to share things. I guess the answer to all of it is quite simple — stop taking it personally. :) But then again, the things we do and try to accomplish are personal. So the line will stay blurry.

What a pointless post. :) But if you feel or felt the same way, then share with me your thought on it. Especially if you found the answer.

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